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Headsets For Drive Thru
    Drive-thru wireless systems used in fast food restaurants come in 4 major brands. From HMEQuail and Panasonic we know our stuff with repairs of these products. We pride ourselves in the knowledge it takes to fix any problems with these brands. 
We understand that the drive thru business accounts for 50-90% of total revenue for the majority of most fast food restaurants. Knowing this, we have in house technicians that can get you back up and running usually within 1 hour of our techs arrival on your premises. All of our vehicles carry the proper tools and replacement parts to give you a quick fix that you desire. From broken headsets, vehicle detection problems, speaker issues, broken microphones, transmitting and receiving base stations. We have a wide variety of replacement parts we carry to get you back up and running so you can resume to make money again.     
We cover all of the San Diego county area for any issues you have. We carry hard to find replacement parts for your drive thru needs. Call us today at (619)630-4774 or email us at to receive a quote on repairs.

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